Was it a prologue?

What is a prologue? When I initially wrote the script for Seekers Log, the first scene took place at the space station. It is the scene we are publishing at the moment. The scene we saw until now came after that. I was tempted to call it a prologue because it happens before all the other stuff but I learned, that it can not be called a prologue. A prologue should be something that happens at another place or time and seems to have no direct connection to the main plot. Our first scene happens to (some of) our main characters and it happens before the other events so… it is not a prologue. It’s just the first scene. But prologue would have sounded pretty neat.

Whatever it’s called – it is over. You can read the new episode here at webtoons!


This is it. We are launching our rocket into outer space with unknown destiny. The first episode of Seekers Log leads us right into the daily life of a great space adventurer (or something). Well, Bale is more a trucker than a hero but who knows what the future holds for him.