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A lonesome space traveler. A desperate adventureous girl. Seeking for a legend in dangerous corners of the galaxy. Will they reach their goal? Will they find the true origins of their people? Will any of this make any sense? No one knows! Yet?

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About us

We are two brothers from germany who love comics and science fiction.  For more than five years we are talking about and planing this great space opera adventure story in a comic. After seven years of drawing our first webcomic BTW (in german) we are ready for something new. Seekers Log expands our creative boundaries. We hope you like it 😉

Michael has been drawing since he can hold a pen. He took his skills to a new level when he was working as a 2D animator at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg. Designing characters and creating engaging moments in a scene comes natural to him.

Christian hasn’t been drawing much since Michael was getting better than him, but he never lost his passion for (visual) storytelling. He likes to create fictional worlds and the first ideas about the world of Seekers Log are more than ten years old.


Episode 2

It is starting to get serious. Check out the second episode of Seekers Log: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/seekers-log/ep-002-/viewer?title_no=102095&episode_no=2


This is it. We are launching our rocket into outer space with unknown destiny. The first episode of Seekers Log leads us right into the daily life of a great space adventurer (or something). Well, Bale is more a trucker than a hero but who knows what the future holds for him.